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Tuesday Workshops


Tuesday Workshops

Below you will find the session handouts for the Tuesday Workshops.
Note: Workshop Presenters - Please review our "How to Post Session Materials" Guide.  If for some reason there are no additional rows available , Click "Edit" and then "right-click" on a cell in the last row, and the menu that pops up will allow you to "Add a Row After" If you have difficulties, email scottweidig [at] me [dot] com 
Session NamePresenter(s)LocationTimeSession Handouts
Flipping the Classroom, Meeting the Needs of All StudentsJeanine BrennanPheasant A
8:30-3:30 with an hour for lunchPresentation for session 
Flubaroo How to Guide
Doctopus and other new Google Scripts
Crash Course for science and social studies 

Using Google Apps for Ed for ELA CCSSLisa HopsonSapphire- Pheasant Run8:30- 3:30 with an hour for lunch at Pheasant RunSession PPT 
Teaching Information Fluency
Carl Heine
Cardinal A, Hilton-ACT
8:30 - 3:30 with an hour for lunch
Building Apps the Easy Way: HTML5 Apps with Construct 2Chris Bruce
Martin Kulak
Sharon McCoy
Kevin Shane
Dave Torpe
Hilton-ACT8:30-3:30 with an hour for lunchConant Physics's Construct 2 Page 

Construct 2 Homepage 
Photoshop Elements
Jason Meltzer
PR- Marsalis 1
8:30-3:30 with an hour for lunchSession PPT
Personalized Learning with Mobile LiteracyJena SherryMeadowlark B8:30 - 3:30Mobile Literacy Wiki
Flattening Classroom Walls by embedding global collaborationDonna Adams RománQuail B8:30-3:30Session PPT
Resource Wiki
A Common Sense ApproachSue Thotz
Kenyatta Forbes
Turquoise B8:30-3:30https://sites.google.com/site/ice2014csm/home
SCRATCHing the Surface of ProgrammingChristina HansonSalon B8:30-3:30SCRATCH Presentation 
Scratch 2.0 
8th Grade Scratch Games 
Scratch Help Cards 
NeboMusic Scratch Projects 
Scratch Lessons 
Scratch Curriculum Guide 
Scratch Resource Books 
Building You Digital Classroom with SchoologyKeith Sorensen & Robert SchuetzPheasant C8:30 - 3:30Schoology Course - F3TVX-CDKPZ
Differentiation Tools for Any ClassroomPatrick BlackTurquoise B8:30 - 3:30http://bit.ly/differentiationtoolsprezi
Digital DifferentiationSusan OxnevadMarsalis II8:30-3:30Flexible Learning Tools
Differentiation in a 1:1 ClassroomKristen Olsen and Megan RyderSalon A8:30-3:30http://tinyurl.com/ICE14Workshop

SMART Content CreationMatt GrangerSalon V8:30-3:30Session Files 

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